Process Agility Benchmarking tool

Elevate your BRMS or BPM program - what steps are necessary for your organization?

Process Agility Benchmarking tool

Whether your company is just starting out with business process management (BPM) or business rules management systems (BRMS), or you are seasoned veterans, our online assessment will help you gauge the maturity of your organization’s current BPM/BRMS capabilities and provide tailored advice on how to advance. Our nifty interactive survey will:

  • Let you know where you currently stand
  • Benchmark your BPM/BRMS capabilities against other businesses
  • Deliver an in-depth report with our recommendations for a BPM/BRMS Action Plan

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3 steps – all easy, and free

1. Take the assessment

Our BPM/BRMS Self-Assessment is based on an easy (but thorough) self-evaluation questionnaire. Ideally, to complete the assessment in full you should have a broad understanding of your organization’s business process management (BPM/BRMS) initiative. If you don't, that's OK; you'll be able to save the assessment at any point in order to go pick brains of your colleagues, and then return to update the assessment when ready.

2. See your high-level benchmark

At the end of the assessment, we calculate your results and assess your capability levels, providing an overall analysis of your current performance compared to your industry peers. You can even come back at any time to get updated benchmarks to see how you compare from the last time.

3. Get your personalized action plan

With one click, at no cost, you can immediately get a more detailed capability benchmark report and personalized Action Plan to help you figure out next steps for improvement - this comes to you as a PDF you can share with your colleagues and access online whenever you like! Doesn’t get any easier than that.

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